About the Revenue Retriever team

Developing innovative software to solve the most pressing challenges in the veterinary industry.

Revenue Retriever is developed by Sweetfish Ltd, a London-based software company. We are focused on developing software to solve some of the most pressing challenges in the veterinary industry.

We work closely with a selection of veterinary practices around the World to develop and enhance our products. This has enabled us to create software solutions that are innovative while still being anchored firmly in the day-to-day realities of caring for animals, serving customers and running a profitable business.

Our people

The business was created by Judy Walker and Charles Auld. Judy is a practising vet and founder of an innovative UK veterinary group. Charles is an experienced CEO and leader in the healthcare sector.

Our developers and support specialists are all based in the UK. We focus on recruiting people who are not only experts in their field, but have experience and understanding of the veterinary industry and the day-to-day challenges of working as a vet.

Our partnerships

Revenue Retriever can work with data from almost any practice management system, to provide analysis and new insights into compliance with agreed protocols and missed billing. However, its greatest value comes from working in real time to prompt vets to correct errors and follow best practices. To achieve this we are building partnerships with the developers of practice management systems, so we can provide the most seamless and simple integration.

The first release of Revenue Retriever is fully integrated with Provet. Other integrations are planned for the near future.

With automated auditing from Revenue Retriever, veterinary practices are improving customer care and recovering substantial lost revenues. Please contact us to arrange a demo or explore how much your practice could gain:

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