Cutting the cost of veterinary misbilling

Improve your revenues with sophisticated analysis and live prediction that prevents missed charges as they happen.

Revenue Retriever is an innovative new solution that helps the owners of veterinary practices to tackle the costly problem of misbilling.

It uses smart techniques to analyse your customer invoices, for the first time giving insights not only into what is included on customers' bills but also what is missing.

Revenue Retriever also helps to prevent misbilling as it happens: Through integration to your practice management system, it can identify omissions from a customer's bill before it is finalised and prompt staff to add the missing items right away.

Using Revenue Retriever, veterinary groups around the world are identifying and recovering revenues worth 15-20% of total customer billing. How much revenue could we help you recover? Read on or contact us to find out more.

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How it works

Revenue Retriever analyses live or historic data from your practice management system and applies contextual rules to identify where it would expect specific items to be included on each bill. Whenever your staff fail to provide and bill customers for those services, it will flag it up so you know where problems may be occuring and how much it could be costing you.

You can use built-in reports to see which products are being misbilled and which of your staff need assistance. Or you can integrate your own business intelligence platform to incorporate these essential new insights into your management reporting.

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Fixing errors as they happen

It can be very hard persuading staff to change their behaviour and look out for errors in their own customer billing.

That's why Revenue Retriever can also apply its rules in real-time to spot missing items and alert your staff while consultations are still in progress. This unique auto-prompt functionality works within your practice management system, prompting your staff to offer products and services they may have missed and making sure everything is added to the bill.

Currently available within Provet, we are also planning integrations with other practice management systems.

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With automated auditing from Revenue Retriever, veterinary practices are following best practice, improving customer care and recovering substantial lost revenues. To explore how your practices could benefit, please get in touch:

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